cropped-image9.jpegWell, i am writing my first post on this website. I wish I felt more proud of myself, but I don’t.

I believe I should have done this long, long ago. I know there has been understandable reasons for this, and it has not been because I was lazy (although the evil one loves to shove this lie into my face.) I know that the mercies of the Lord are new every morning. Still, I feel shame for silencing my voice for so long. I am 40 years old, and I stopped writing for 5 years. How could I been so stagnant when life is so short? (my honest criticism)

In light of how I emotionally beat myself up, the fact that I am actually doing this post and is nothing short of a testimony of the power of living in grace. Grace gives us the ability to face the truth about ourselves and the opportunity for God to shine His love in us.

I am smiling right now because I see the power of grace working this very moment. I am sharing my struggle of beating myself up so badly that it keeps me from writing. And now that it is brought into the light, I can feel God speaking truth to my injured soul. Indeed, His mercies of the Lord are new every morning.

There is no need to condemn myself because His mercies are new every morning. I will say it again, “His mercies are new every morning!”
Do you see what just happened? I knew the bible verse, but I needed to face the truth about myself before God could reach me with the sweetness of that bible verse. That is the power of living in grace. That is freaking amazing!

Since I am currently in a moment of freedom, let me rejoice, After 5 years of holding back,  I started this blog. I feel proud about that. It shows how far I have come. God is indeed good. (I really hope my friends will remind me of these things the next time I slipped back into my comfort zone of criticizing myself. Maybe they should have a copy of this post on hand.)

I  like being brave.

Please read the “About” page to learn more of my struggle in finding my voice again, about my disability, and the purpose of this blog

Unmasking Time:

so, what about you? Are you holding back from doing something you love? What do you need to go for it?

For me, I had to overcome my fear of criticism. It was not easy for me, and it will probably not be easy for you to overcome your fear  either. The freedom that you will experience, however, will be so worth it.

Keep being brave.