Unmaking Time:

As you can see from my little comedy act, I  enjoy doing  videos. I have been wanting to do them for a long while, but I have been too self-conscious due to my speech impediment. This might seem odd to those who know me since I love public speaking. The difference is that when I public speak, I usually have an interpretor. When I sense  my audience is not able to follow, I can repeat myself or have my interpretor help. With doing these videos, I have much less control. I don’t know what people understand, and what they don’t.

During live performances, I can also read vibes of people. I can change the direction of my presentation. I can make make them more serious or lighter. With these videos, it is purely me. There are not live audiences to guide me. scary stuff indeed.

So even though  I feel exposed doing videos, I want to do them. I believe God is calling me to glorify Himself by just being myself.

What about you? Are you not doing something that brings you joy because of a specific fear.  Whatever the fear, I pray you will allow God to walk you through it.

Keep being brave.


Notes:  The artificial voice that you hear is from  an Apple app called Proloquo4Text, which is assistive technology for those of us with communication difficulties. I highly, highly recommended it.

These particular corny jokes, I got from the Best Corny Jokes app. (Yep, there’s an app for that.)