Yep, it is another picture. In fact, I am gonna post a picture with a few thoughts for the next three nights. Last night as I read Psalm 103, I was reminded that I am just dust. I don’t like this, but dust has limitations. I can not deal with my daily struggles that comes from my cerebral palsy, take care of my responsibilities, and write 5 hour posts. I get angry when I can’t do everything that I want to do. Thus, the angry picture.

I would love to pee in 2 minutes, instead of 20. I would love to type 40 words per minute, instead of 4. I would love to use voice recognition. I would love to drive, instead of relying on public transportation. I feel angry that I have less time in a day than able-bodied people because of my limitations. I want to be fast, but I am not. Then I became annoyed even more because before I become too self-righteous in the unfairness of it, the Holy Spirit reminds me, I would still be dust even if I had fewer limitations.

Really, Jesus, Really? Ugh!

Let’s Keep Being Brave.