I feel angry that people with disabilities do not have more access to accessible housing. Accessibility means freedom, and it is my belief that people need freedom.

Through a series of events, that can only be explained by God, my husband and I moved into a house that had been remodeled to meet my needs as a person with a disability. As a result, my life is more peaceful and fuller. I can now easily navigate my power wheelchair, thanks to the roomy rooms. I finally feel safe when people transfer me to and from the shower. I can actually do simple things like wash my hands, brush my teeth, and rinse the dishes. I am able to crawl around on the floors much more often now, which adds to my independence and my overall heath. This is due to correct carpeting. Dealing with accessible issues and prejudices of society is rough on me. The fact I have a home where I can breath easily does so much to my soul.

.Being able to connect with people is one of the best things about our accessible home. I don’t have to deal with inaccessible houses as much. Jayson and I can invite our friends and family over to have fun and truly get to know one another in ways that public places don’t allowedWe feel less left out and less isolated.

 All of this just shows what I have been saying for years; accessibility matters. I am able to be who I am because of accessibility. T  There are far too few people with disabilities who have access to accessible homes.  This is why I feel anger. I know the freedom they are missing. Without a safe haven, it is harder for us to be ourselves. When that happens, society misses out.

Let’s Keep Being Brave.