I really pray Trump’s border wall, that will cause the United States billions of dollars, won’t be built. If the wall is constructed, however, I hope it will take 27 years! Why? Because the Americans with Disabilities has been enacted for 27 years, and among other things, we still don’t accessible sidewalks in many places. I would love people of power to have to deal with the waiting, the runarounds, and excuses that the disability community has dealt with for so long.

I can tell you not having accessible sidewalks is beyond frustrating. My husband and I live in an accessible house, and it is located in a sweet location. We have a walgreens and Aldie’s in walking distance, but wait. I can’t get to them because the sidewalks have no curb cuts. I am not beyond driving my wheelchair in the streets, but I live near the main road of my city so that is not even an option for me.

I want to have the same ability to access the same stores as any one else. And most people who use wheelchairs feel the same way! Denying people access base on a particular characteristic is called segregation. Why don’t we call a spade a spade? It is worst on the South side of town because cities typically don’t invest as much in poverty areas. At least on my side of town, we have segments of accessible sidewalks in between of inaccessible segments. (Hey, I didn’t say my town has not made progress.). People may feel upset when they see others drive their wheelchairs in the street, but what do people want us to do? Stay home? I think not.

Spending billions of dollars to build a wall tells the world we are not interested in building bridges with people who don’t meet our standards. Not putting an emphasize on the Americans with Disabilities Act after 27 years tells me we value the freedoms of some Americans over other Americans.

This is a shame since Jesus values people so much. God knows we are all big messes, and we are without hope without Him. He died for us. That is how selfless He was. Our nation will do well to follow His example of loving people. After all, that is what He commands Christians to do. Just saying.

Let’s Keep Being Brave.