There are good reasons for me not to like my speech impediment:

– People can underestimate my abilities.

– Some people avoid me because they are afraid of not understanding me.

– I don’t express myself as much in large groups because background noise decreases my understandability to others.

– I don’t talk as much as I want because It takes more effort to get out my words.

– I can’t use voice recognition technology.

There are also good reasons why I appreciate my speech impediment:

– When I am talking to people, it is harder to tune me out. People must play more attention to me, or they will miss what I am saying. This means my words can really set in.

– Because it takes me more effort to talk, I have a bit more time to rethink before I speak. My tongue gets me in trouble, but I would get into way more trouble without my speech impediment.

– I have a great excuse to play word games with people on a regular basis. For example, I cannot pronounce the word “signature”. So, I get to ask whoever I an speaking to, “What do you call it when you write your name?” Then for extra emphasis, I write my name in the air. It is so much fun!

– A majority of unsolicited telemarketers don’t want to talk to me. Unfortunately, some of them know that they just need to be patient with people with communication disorders. Darn disability awareness efforts! Darn Christlike teaching!

Lets keep Being Brave.