I really admire women who wear funky dresses that reflect those personalities. I especially admire those types of women who use wheelchairs. I don’t know how they do it! I love expressing myself, but I can’t master dresses and skirts . I find it hard using the restroom because I can’t keep them out of the toilet water. Inevitably, I ruin my hoses as I transfer. I have been known to get my dresses caught in my wheels. It is a sure fire way to produce such a high level of frustration in me that it is better for society if I stick to pants. So, I solute women with disabilities who wear super cute dresses. They have found the balance of fashion and practicality. Amazing.

Many women and men with disabilities want to express themselves through their appearances. I think it is surprisingly for many to see us do this. It is hard to keep a group of people in a box when those people express their individualities. Even though I don’t  choose dresses and skirts, even though I would love to do so, I do choose other ways to express my own brand of femininity. I use my hair, nails, jewelry, and my tomboyish attire. Through my style, I want people to know I am a bit edgy, flirty, and unique. Of course, sometimes, I just go for the dress. Check it out.
God made me beautiful!

Let’s Keep Being Brave.