Do you know who I have been thinking about lately? Former President George H.W. Bush. I notice during one of the political debates of this previous national election that Bush Sr. was in the audience; he was in a wheelchair. I was curious why I haven’t heard about him requiring a disability. I was glad that Bush Sr. was engaging life and not hiding out. I felt excited as the former president did the coin toss at Super Bowl LI. I smiled as the Former First Lady drove her golf cart next to his wheelchair. I felt a sense of pride because this couple seemed relaxed about Bush Sr’s nontraditional Parkinson’s Disease. I was thinking about the history of people with disabilities. How shameful it was to be born or to acquire a disability. There is still much shame around disabilities, but this 92 year old man was showing that times were changing.

My optimism, though, turned to frustration and sadness after I realized that most people did not see the ordinary scene with the same symbolism as I saw. More about that tomorrow. Time is running out for tonight.