I owe many people an apology. For many, many years, I  have said that nursing homes are no places for people to live. I said this because I knew people who knew better than me. I trusted these people, many of whom have disabilities. They had way more knowledge and personal experience than me. Plus, I am a super big proponent of keeping people in the community. So, it was easy for me to talk against nursing homes.

However, I must admit that deep down I didn’t think nursing homes could be that bad. It would be like dorm life. I loved dorm life, which is why I stayed in the dorms all four years of my college years. I had my personal space. Sometimes I had a roommate, and sometimes I didn’t. I had dining services with plenty of options to choose. Students Services put on activities. I was able to come and go as I wish. Dorm life was rewarding. So, I always wondered what was so bad about nursing home life. Sure, it is not ideal, but people always have to adapt in one way or another. I have even heard able-bodied people say similar comments that I was thinking.

For all of you with disabilities who are trapped or have been trapped in nursing homes, Please forgive me. Father God, I am asking for your forgiveness, too. I knew not what I was thinking! Last year, I visited two nursing homes on a regular basis. It left me in disbelief and heartbroken. I now know that nursing home life is as bad as people told me. Tomorrow I will write about my experiences. On Thursday, I will focus on Karen Vaughan, one person with a disability who is forced to live in a nursing home needlessly.

For tonight, I ask for forgiveness for not truly getting it until now.
. O God, we need to wake up and change!