My husband’s family member has been allured away by an unknown person.  She has not been found.  Please keep a look out, and tell others! Mellisa could be anywhere.

Before this week, I did not know human trafficking has been increasing in the United States.  It just confirms to me, People, that it is time that we communicate more and quit avoiding the painful realities of life, wheather it means disability issues, human trafficking, homeless issues, child abuse, poverty issues, racism, drug addiction, or anything else that destroy human dignity.

Father God, help us to seek Your Face, so You will heal our land. By land, I don’t mean the United States, Jesus. I mean the world because it and us belong to you.  Forgive me for how I have been actively avoiding shining light on the nursing homes issues because it is messy and painful.  Oh Holy Spirit, lead us to Mellisa. Protect her. Be with her. Show up with mighty power.  In the name of Jesus, Amen.
Let’s Keep Being Brave.


Update: She was found safe. Scary stuff. May we pray that God will protect the youths around the world.