The other day I  posted about how one of Jayson’s family member vanished, and the different speculations were terrifying.  The details have not been made known, but Mellissa has been found physically safe.  I have no doubt she will need much emotionally healing, but she is now safe! I thank God for this out, and I beg that He will comfort those families who didn’t receive their loved ones.back. My heart aches for everyone is experiencing or has experienced this kind of nightmare.

As you know, God is the center of my world and has been for more than 20 years.  However, you will not hear me say that I understand God.  There is too much suffering for that.  However, He came to Earth and suffered.  The Holy Spirit testifies to my spirit that God is good.  I look at the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus, and I must agree.  Still, I don’t get all this pain we must face in this life. Ugh! 
Anyway, Jesus, thank you for Mellisa!  It is indeed a great time of great celebration!

Let’s Keep Being Brave.