One million Americans live in nursing homes. When I refer to nursing homes, I am not referring to rehabilitation and assistance living. Rehabilitation units, which can be sections of nursing homes, are short termed health care places, designed to help people regain independence. Assistance living centers offer small apartments that offer self-care assistance for those who meets a certain level of independence. Nursing homes are long term health care facilities in which people go to live when they can no longer take care of themselves, have little hope of improving, and have no other options.

I think nursing homes are little more than warehouses for people!

Thank God, I finally said it! Nursing homes are little more than warehouses for people! Man, my gut has been wrenching for weeks because I wanted to soften that statement. But I can’t

People are being neglected and ignored and even abused in American nursing homes. I have been in denial. Our country has been in denial. It is time to wake up. Nothing will change until we take courage in admitting what is going on.

Before I continue, let me clarify; I am not writing about this to throw anyone under the bus. Repeating, I am not throwing anyone under the bus. I promise. My family has used nursing homes for loved ones. It was the only option, for various reasons, that we had. I am discussing these things because they need to be discussed. They need to be brought into the light. We need better options.

Too many of us believe that people are being treated with dignity within nursing homes because why wouldn’t they be? It roughly cost $75,000 a year for a person to stay in a nursing home. Surely, that kind of money means the government is taking of them well. THIS IS A FALSE LINE OF THINKING, FOLKS! IT’S FALSE. As a person with a disability, I am dismay at my own level of denial, ignorance, and stupidity. My eyes were opened within the last 12 months.

For the last 3 or 4 weeks, I have been trying to write my journey of going from denial to the harsh reality of life in nursing homes, but I must accept that this is not the right time for me to share this particular journey. I have too many painful emotions wrap up in it. It has been too hard for me to unravel them before myself and God at this time. This means I need to move on because there are other things I need to write about. For now, it is enough for me to be bold in my belief: nursing homes are no places to live!!!

I may not be ready to share how I came to this, but you can find out yourself by visiting a nursing home an hour a week for at least a few months. Seeing for yourself may be way better than reading about my experiences anyway. After all, I myself had underestimated what I was told by others. I would not be surprised to learn you had to stop visiting. The lack of human connection within nursing homes is suffocating. Even the multiple activities are meant more for the passage of time than for building human connection.

May Jesus Himself intervene because obviously, we are messing up big time at the expense of so many.  

Let’s keep Being Brave.