Karen Vaughan is trapped in a nursing home. She wants and needs to go back home. Karen is 57, and she hasn’t been able to move anything below the neck since the age of 18. A shooting accident resulted in this injury. I don’t know Karen that intimately, but I have known her around 15 years. We met at a disability advocacy conference, and I remember the self-confidence she projected. She was not embarrassed by her disability, and she did not shy away from advocating for dignity and inclusion for others and herself. I thought she didn’t need to be as aggressive as she was. I thought that people usually do the right thing, given enough education, advocacy, and negotiation. But then Karen was forced into hospitals and nursing homes more than a year ago. It looks like I have placed too much faith in humankind–again. Karen has to fight for a dignified life.

I will write more about Karen later. I feel overwhelmed, angry, and sad right now, which means my thoughts are jumbled.

Tomorrow is Easter. My thoughts are also jumbled about that. More about Jesus later.

Let’s Keep Being Brave.