In my last post, I briefly wrote about Karen Vaughan. This post is a continuation.
 So, Karen is in a nursing home in Indianapolis because she is depended on a ventilator to breathe. By Indiana regulations, only registered nurses can carry out the things that people in this type of situation need. Health care agencies in Indiana don’t have enough registered nurses to cover the 20.5 hours of care Karen needs in her home. I have talked to one of her friends, who has no medical background. She says taking care of her ventilator needs is surprisingly simple. Instead, of loosening regulations to allow others to do the job though, the state has forced Karen in a nursing home.
Her health is declining because aides are not responding to her call button in a timely manner. She is developing bed sores from the poor quality of bed. She can’t assess her technology to communicate with the outside world because she needs that technology set up in a certain way.

If Karen was in her apartment, she would be in her waterbed, which would prevent the bed sores. She would have access to technology that she can actually use. Her needs would be met because her staff would actually pay attention to her. Her quality of life would increased. With this, Karen could go back to advocating for others, making a difference.

Why should tax players pay for almost around the clock in home health care? Simple.

1. Keeping someone in a nursing home is extraordinary expensive anyway, so paying for Karen’s in home health care would not cost the taxpayers any more. It would just increase her quality of life.

2. Keeping people in nursing homes is like imprisoning them for crimes they haven’t committed. This is exactly how Karen feels The quality of care and level of human connection is beyond poor. It is not like living in a hospital. It is worse. The public, in general, doesn’t seem to grasp this.

Another Question: How can taxpayers further save money while increasing Karen’s quality of life even more?

Allow Karen to hire her own health care workers. Cut out the middle man!! In Indiana, people with disabilities and older Americans who use services must go through agencies. Karen would prefer to interview and hire the people who come in her home to do the most personal of things. (As a matter of fact, so would I! But I digress. This is about Karen, not me.) Karen is more than capable to hire and train her own aides.

When I went to college in the ‘90’s, Vocational Rehabilitation Services allowed me to hire my own aides. I would fill out their paychecks, they mailed them, and VR paid the aides. There was no middle man involved. This should be an option for those of who don’t need an agency to manage their aides.

Karen Vaughan has many connections, and some of Indiana’s biggest disability advocates have been rallying around her for more than a year now. I am dismay that Karen is not home yet. What is going on, Indiana? Surely, there are some loopholes in the regulations that would get Karen back into her setting that allows her to strive.

I have no idea what Karen’s spiritual views are, but I am a Christian. Today is Resurrection Sunday. God went out of His way to savehumankind. Damnit, that means we should go out of our way to help one another. I am asking people to communicate to their connections, whether corporate, governmental, or familiar. Let’s show that people matter, that people with disabilities matter. Let’s show this by getting Karen home. There has to be a way. There has to be
If you want Karen’s contact information, let me know.

Let’s Keep Being Brave.